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Cancun Travel Mart Off-Site Meetings: What they really mean to Buyers.

  • Bill Coleman

A lot has changed since the first Cancun Travel Mart 30 years ago. The internet, cell phones, social media, Apps, On-Line Direct Booking. The list goes on and on.

But profit, expenses, ROI, and personal service still rule the Travel Industry. Solid business and personal relationships between “Buyers” and “Suppliers” remain the foundation of Cancun Tourism.

These past 30 years have seen great growth in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean region that now account for about one third of ALL tourism into Mexico. Mega-Resorts with thousands of rooms now dominate the landscape. And more are being built.

“Mega Buyer” Companies have emerged to market and promote these properties world-wide. More rooms and services mean more “rates & dates” to be negotiated, resulting in many Buyer organizations sending several delegates to negotiate contracts at Cancun Travel Mart. Some of these “Mega Buyers” need several more days of meetings at locations other than the Cancun Travel Mart Convention Center. Most of them still register experienced Buyer executives from their Companies to have appointments with Suppliers during CTM business sessions.

Unfortunately, a few Tour Operators and Hotels don’t register to attend Cancun Travel Mart, and have meetings “off-site” away from the Convention Center. If this practice increases, it could create long term problems for CTM, and damage the Event’s future. Here is how CTM Buyers can help solve this problem:

  1. Refuse to meet with hotels and other Suppliers who have NOT registered for CTM.
  2. Schedule Off-Site meetings so that they don’t conflict with official CTM business and social functions if Buyers need more time and space.
  3.  Take advantage of special reduced VIP Buyer Registration fees to register at least one (1) experienced senior Buyer/Manager to attend CTM business sessions.

CTM Supplier registration is thousands of dollars less than almost every other Travel Industry event. And there are no travel expenses. The average Supplier cost for a pre-scheduled appointment with a qualified Buyer is $70, about what it was 30 years ago. So, hotels who say they “support Cancun Travel Mart” but don’t officially register aren’t really “supporting” anything. Most importantly, they are losing new business opportunities.

Cancun Travel Mart is a marketplace for many travel products and services, and it is the most efficient and effective way to find unique and new business opportunities. CTM continues to provide results and value.

Maybe some things haven’t changed since 1988.

Bill Coleman

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